Monday, 26 November 2007

Write a Perfect E-mail

Email, not the web, is the most-used Internet application by transaction volume. It’s also the most misused....People differ in how they manage their inboxes, but attention to a few details can help make your messages more usable for everyone. These are the factors I’ve identified that will help you get a quick and valid response:
Among the tips:
* Brevity: Short emails rule.
* Context: If I don’t know you by name, tell me how you came to contact me.And for god’s sake, have a subject line. One that makes sense.
* Something to act on: Make your requests clear.
* A deadline: There comes a time when the response you seek is no longer useful. If you know when that is, tell your recipient.
Courtesy: Wired "How to wiki" and Annelize who brought it to our attention

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