Friday, 2 November 2007

UKSG Serials-eNews

When I'm receiving newsletters' notifications through my e-mail, I will either find time to have a quick look at them, or I will just sort them in a folder "Journals & Newsletters" and have a look when the time permits me. Today I even created a folder " Blog entries", which will remind me to write something for this blog.
What's new in UKSG Serials-eNews, 19 October 2007, no 156?
* UKSG will have a seminar on 22nd November, discussing "Caught up in Web 2.0? Practical implementations and creative solutions for librarians and publishers". They say " as Facebook and MySpace wage their own war for the hearts and minds of social networking desciples, the innovators and early adopters in the library and publishing communities are already forging ahead with practical and creative implementations of new technology..." One of the presenters, Andy Powell (Eduserv Foundation)will talk about " A snapshot of UK library and educational use of Second Life". This could be very interesting for us, as we also want to implement the Second life.

* Gottingen University and Springer sign Open Choice pilot agreement

* SwetsWise Online content signs up its 400th publisher

* NetLibrary and Elsevier offer libraries eBook discounts

* Digital Lives research Project webpages and blog go live

These are some of the highlights of this issue. To view all, either click on the title or go to:

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