Thursday, 15 November 2007

Social Bookmarking Sites Which Don’t Use NoFollow : Bookmarks and Search Engines

Social bookmarking allows web users to search, share, organize, and store the bookmarks of different web pages. This can be done publicly or privately (in private groups), or a combination of the two. People who are allowed to view the bookmarks can view them using a variety of different functions to sort and tag them....
.....NoFollow is a non-standard HTML attribute value which is used to police the outbound link value of user generated content, especially blog commenting. NoFollow is used to communicate with search engines to tell them that a link should not be used to pass on link juice, or “PageRank”.
The idea is that it will help reduce people who spam links, making sure that search engines get better results when keywords are searched, and many social bookmarking sites havee implemented this strategy.
Social Bookmarking Sites Which Don’t Use NoFollow
* Listible is a newer social bookmarking site
* Furl, one of the services offered by LookSmart
* Yahoo My Web 2.0 Beta is a social search engine
* Propeller is a hybrid of social bookmarking and social news sharing
* Flickr gives social bookmarking a different spin – the site is all about photos.
* can get a little crazy and confusing, since it is open for anyone to post sites and leave comments.
* Technorati Faves is a great place to bookmark sites
* Slashdot is the original when it comes to social bookmarking sites
* Searchles is a social bookmarking oriented search engine with tagging, video upload, groups and voting.
How Search Engines Can Use Social Bookmarks: Monitoring social bookmarking services like, StumbleUpon and Ma.gnolia can help search engines in multiple ways....
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