Tuesday, 6 November 2007

InfoToday Blog: Internet Librarian Conference weblog

In the last post you had information about the Internet Librarian Conference. You can read interesting feedbacks from the Editors of Information Today in their InfoToday blog. The pictures will give you a glimpse of the atmosphere at the conference and the short comments and links will introduce you to many of the interesting papers presented there.
The Library as Community Commons: The challenge today is how to mix/integrate new technologies with legacy (static) systems. Standard Web technologies can be the “glue” for most 2.0 applications. There are opportunities for libraries to guide the University community. They have taken the lead on introducing many new technologies. They evolved from strength in Web management to blogging, Webcasting, Webconferencing, wikis, Facebook involvement, etc. ...it’s important to match the right 2.0 tools to your situation.
How do you see the future of the libraries? Shanachie (Storytelling)Tour.
Four Dutch men took a trip from New York to the Monterey (for the Conference) and along the way they visited libraries and interviewed all sorts of librarians about how they saw the future of libraries. Read about their experiences: http://www.shanachietour.com/
What's Hot with RSS feeds! Presentation by Steve Cohen, RSS enthusiast (read more on his wiki: http://stevenmcohen.pbwiki.com/IL2007)
"RSS is neither simple nor syndicated".
"The reference interview doesn’t end when the requester walks out the door. It ends when his/her project is done. So keep feeding them information as long as they need it."
He very much likes Google Reader, which provides lots of data on his feeds and said, "Google Reader makes me smarter".
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