Friday, 2 November 2007

Internet Librarian Conference 29-31 October 2007

This year theme, 2.0, captures leading-edge online initiatives and innovations in all types of information enterprises, tools and techniques for enhancing user-friendly digital information flows, radical new ideas for roles and values of information professionals, information discovery and visualization methods for dealing with today’s information overload, building new communities and supporting online connections in engaging ways, and more.
The PreConference workshops include topics such as: Social tools for your Library; Libraries on the MUVE in Second Life; Nex-Generation Research tools; Mining Blogs & RSS for Research; Searchers Academy; Academic Library 2.0; Wikis: Basics, Tools & Strategies; Integrating RSS into your Web site, and many more.
The Conference offered topics on: 2.0 & the Internet World; What's New with Search?; What's new with Federated Search?; Online Marketing for Libraries; Planning & Implementing Library 2.0; New Rules of Web Design; MySpace and Facebook: Pros & Cons; Getting Their Attention: Training Strategies & Social Networking tools; I'm at Web 2.0, are you?; Organisation 2.0; Librarians as Knowledge Managers; Virtual Worlds & Libraries; Building Communities in Second Life; Visual Information retrieval; What's hot with RSS?; Designing and OPAC for Web 2.0; and much more.
When I looked at the programme last week, I thought that, whoever is attending this Conference will come back with 101 ideas to implement. But for those of us, far away from Monterey, California there is still hope that we can learn something and make use of it just by reading through the abstracts of the papers and the people behind them. Let's hope that some of the papers will be available online soon.
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