Wednesday, 9 January 2008

New Wikia Search Engine comes to Live

The latest Web 2.0 development tool " Wikia Search Engine" has been made available on Monday, 7th of January 2008. Below are some articles links that can give you an idea of what this search engine is all about. You can do some more searches or visit directly or . Click on "About us" option to learn more about this site. Create an account to create a wiki, to upload files and images and other features.
* The New York Times article dated 7th of January 2008, discusses the new Wikia Search Engine, which early version was made available on Monday. Jimmy Wales the co-founder of Wikipedia in 2001 is again behind the 2008 new Internet search engine, Wikia Search, at Like Wikipedia, he plans to rely on a “wiki” model, a voluntary collaboration of people, to fine-tune the Wikia search engine. When it starts up Monday, the service will rank pages based on a relatively simple algorithm. Users will be allowed and encouraged to rate search results for quality and relevance. Wikia will gradually incorporate that feedback in its rankings of Web pages to deliver increasingly useful answers to people’s questions. The Wikia search engine will be an open-source project, whose programming code and data will be available to anyone, he said. (Wiki Citizens Taking on a New Area: Searching, By MIGUEL HELFT,
* Wikia Search finds few fans in early going, By Marcus Browne , 8th Jan 2008: Since its launch on Monday much debate has arisen surrounding its validity, its potential to compete against search giants such as Google and Yahoo, and its current performance--which, according to many reports, is unsatisfactory. The search engine also comes complete with several other functions, including a social-networking site, and a "miniarticles" function--a stub of a full wiki page that appears above popular search terms.
* Jimmy Wales on Wikia Search's Lukewarm Reveal: We come from the world of open source, which is all about "release early, release often" rather than highly polished releases. Also, since the whole concept of the search engine is to put the editorial control in the hands of the community, we wanted to get started with building that community and getting their support in figuring out what that means in practice.
* Wikia Launches Search Engine, Challenges Google, 9 Jan 2008: The new search engine uses Web 2.0 components and touts -- in contrast to Google -- an open algorithm for greater transparency about how the order in which the results appear is determined. Google is taking the arrival of a new competitor in stride.,2144,3048800,00.html

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