Sunday, 27 January 2008

Elsevier Library Connect Newsletter, no.1, 2008

In this newsletter:
* Sign up for Research Trends: To fulfill the increasing demand for high-quality research performance measurement (RPM) and trend-related information, the Scopus team recently launched Research Trends, a free bimonthly e-newsletter delivering updates on developments, approaches and tools in this area. Launched in October 2007, Research Trends provides objective, up-to-the-minute news on scientific trends as well as articles based on bibliometric data. The articles are written by experts in the field of bibliometrics. Each issue focuses on five categories: the value of bibliometric measures, research trends, country trends, expert opinion and citation choices of individual authors. Developed for deans, faculty heads, researchers, funding bodies, ranking agencies and research libraries, Research Trends aims to be an essential source of information for the research community at large:
* How marketing can help increase the value of e-resource investments: Five key findings
1. Interpersonal connections make the difference
2. Training is a key component of the marketing mix
3. Never underestimate the importance of a librarian
4. Interactive promotions are effective
5. Repetition is important

* Research watch
- Academic libraries positively impact student retention
- Assessing library instruction indicates lasting results
* Community connections
- European libraries feel effects of VAT on e-publications: At the moment, many libraries are hanging in limbo, stuck between traditional print materials and the advancement of electronic publications. Statistics tracked by libraries often compare usage metrics and budget percentages allotted for each format so as to try and find a happy medium for users who prefer holding physical forms of information in their hands and users who routinely conduct research using online resources.
- Study shows migration to online books saves libraries money and increases usage: The availability of digital journals is without doubt one of the cornerstones of today’s academic library. Thousands of STM journals are currently accessible via increasingly sophisticated electronic platforms like ScienceDirect. Now, many publishers, including Elsevier, are making significant progress in bringing book content online.
* Staying connected
- Want to learn more about tagging and RSS? Visit the Elsevier TrainingDesk and register for a free topic-focused online training. The TrainingDesk also offers downloadable presentations, tutorials, practice exercises and reference materials covering best-practice use of Elsevier electronic products. While visiting the TrainingDesk site, take a look at the blog and wiki.
- Reprints Desk delivering ScienceDirect articles: Since November 2007, Elsevier has been partnering with Reprints Desk, a new content re-purposing company focused on medical and scientific publishing, to provide full-service article delivery. Through this initiative, customers can order individual articles from over 2,000 scientific journals published by Elsevier and receive the articles electronically or in print. Reprints Desk delivers articles in their original format and color, either in PDF or in professionally printed hardcopy:
- Academic Database Assessment Tool: JISC Collections, in partnership with DataSalon Ltd., UK, has created the Academic Database Assessment Tool — a free online database comparison tool. Librarians can use it to evaluate and make purchasing decisions for online resources. The tool provides title lists for bibliographic and fulltext databases, plus service information regarding content platforms. Sponsors include Scopus, Engineering Village and, as well as Thomson Scientific and ProQuest:
Click on the TITLE to access this newsletter. Even if it is addressing librarians, can be very useful to the researchers and academics to read.

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