Friday, 7 December 2007

You Tube: Videos

I have created this week an account with You Tube. It is amazing how many videos are uploaded there. You can select videos either per "Categories" or you can search on "Specific topic". I found videos on "Library 2.0", Web 2.0", other Sciences related topics, etc. All your interests can be satisfied. If you want you can create an account and select your favourite videos. I have added to this blog one video on "Building Academic Library 2.0" (post dated 5/12/07), as an example. I also subscribed to be notified of the latest videos in different subject areas. To view "my You Tube" visit: There is still much more to be done, but it is some start. We need to get used to use other media for information and learn hot to evaluate it.
Please keep in mind that some of "You Tube" videos re amateurs and their content should be subject to scrutiny and evaluation, before used as a source.

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