Friday, 7 December 2007

Wiley-Blackwell Newsletter: December 2007

Welcome to the first issue of the new Wiley-Blackwell newsletter for librarians and information professionals. We will keep you updated here on new products, website developments, special offers, publishing news, and tips for making better use of your licensed resources. Don't forget that as from 2008 the UJ Library will have access to BlackwellSynergy.
This issues offers:
* Latest News in Key Subject Areas
* New Titles Online From Wiley-Blackwell
* Wiley-Blackwell Newly Launched Journals for 2008
(available on BlackwellSynergy)
* Journal Backfiles
* Books Online
* Reference Works
* Platforms Updates
- Blackwell Synergy changed its individual login functionality from username/password to e-mail address/password last month.
* Understanding Impact Factors
This newsletter can provide an opportunity for us to select new online books, reference works, etc. Click on the TITLE for access.

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