Friday, 7 December 2007

Skype: Social Networking made easy

Skype enables free computer-to-computer calling (voice & video communication). I have been using it for the last 2 years for personal communication with my family & friends from overseas and also here in Johannesburg. What you need to get you started is an Internet access, to download Skype application and then to create your Skype account. Skype gives you an opportunity to talk over the Internet, to chat or even do a Conference with number of people. It is amazing. Even we can see each other if we have a camera attached. It is very easy way to reach people and chat with them. You can also send through Skype files, pictures, etc. Great Social Networking tool.
I have found in "ILibrarian blog" a reference to "7 things you should know about ... Skype" and how it works for personal or academics needs. Click on the TITLE to view this 2 pages manual.

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