Saturday, 19 April 2008

iLibrarian Blog

Have a look at the latest posts from "iLibrarian Blog". Direct link is also available under "Useful Blogs". This blog is one of my favourites, as it provides very useful tips to new and exciting developments over the web.

* 10 Gmail Tips and Time-Savers

* State of America’s Libraries 2008 The ALA has published the 2008 State of America’s Libraries report. (Click on Academic Libraries)

* Seven Ways to Get the Most from Your RSS Reader

* Why do people participate in social applications?

* CIL2008 Presentations
CIL 2008 presentations (Computers in Libraries conference 7-9 April )(

Keep an eye on Slideshare for more:
Transparency, Planning & Change: See-Through Libraries - Michael Stephens and Michael Casey
Technology Training for Library Staff: Creativity Works! - Sarah Houghton-Jan Harnessing New Data Visualization Tools - Darlene Fichter

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