Saturday, 23 February 2008

IFLA: Introducing ResearchTrail

IFLA would like to announce a new service for information professionals and librarians – ResearchTrail.

ResearchTrail has two aims:
* To be a community and a meeting-place where those of us whose job it is to find information can interact with, collaborate with, and help the people who need that information, and also help each other.
* To provide a marketplace where businesses and individuals can find professional searchers, and info-pros looking for clients can advertise their services.

Since ResearchTrail is a free-access website, it's truly global – no matter where you live, you can interact with other information professionals, get help, and find work through ResearchTrail's marketplace.

ResearchTrail goes online in March; but you can register now at

A week before we open, we'll send everyone who registered a personal username, so you can get a sneak preview. Then we open with a search competition (with prizes) for information professionals – to encourage as many of you as possible try us out and comment on what we're doing right and wrong and what you'd like to see there. Everyone who's registered is eligible to take part in the competition too.

ResearchTrail is built by info-pros for info-pros. We look forward to seeing you all on-site and hearing what you think.

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