Friday, 22 February 2008

Golonka: E-Math, E-Physics, E-Chemistry for Africa

Have you heard about Golonka initiative for Africa?

The aim of the Golonka is to co-ordinate the efforts to make an African consortium for e-journals and databases. The main purpose is to promote the use of Open Access journals and other scientific resources, as well as being a platform for consortia building.

Currently, Golonka provide access to:
* E-Math Africa (
* E-Physics Africa (
* E-Chemistry Africa (

On these websites you can find information on: Statistical Pan African Society (SPAS); Mentoring African Research in Mathematics; European Math Departments support African colleagues; Free ACD/ChemSketch Licenses to All Academic Institutions. You can subscribe to an e-mail alerts with news about access to databases and journals. The following resources are available on each website:

- Links to: Societies, Academies & Institutions;
- Databases and Search Engines
- Reprints
- E-books ( number of full-text books/textbooks available on the Internet)
- Free Journal Archives, Open access and African e-journals ( 431 journals - Maths, Applied Maths, Statistics, IT, etc.)( 81 journals - Chemistry)(96 journals - Physics)

These "portals" to Maths, Physics & Chemistry resources will definitely be of use to undergraduates and postgraduates students. It will be useful for research, learning & teaching purposes.

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