Wednesday, 31 October 2007

South African Information Services News

The October 2007 newsletter from South African Information Services is now available. You can find information on:

* Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering Database Reloaded with New Content
Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering (File 767) contains in-depth analyses and forecasts of market trends in 11 industries. With the recent reload to the file, records now include tables, charts, figures, spreadsheets and Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations. In DialogClassic Web™, DialogLink 5 and DialogWeb, you can view the images displayed within the record. In Dialog Classic products, records will contain URLs to the images. In addition to images, some records have attachments (e.g., Microsoft® Excel Spreadsheets) that can be downloaded to your computer. In addition, the file is now updating daily beginning in September 2007. Check the Dialog
Bluesheet for more information.
* World News Connection
• Unique content from hard-to-monitor countries
• Content provided through and in exclusive partnership with NTIS
• Ideal source for the latest information on current developments in over 100 countries
• Receive email updates on specific topics with alerts
• Records from 1995 to present
• Updates daily with from 300 – 1,000 records per day
For a free trial and/or more information, please contact Lynne on 011 469 4032 or
* Two New European Trademarks Files Added to Dialog Collection
Two new trademark databases—TRADEMARKSCAN®—Latvia (File 697) and TRADEMARKSCAN®—Portugal (File 688) have joined the European trademark collection. File 697 provides information on 43,120 trademark registrations published since 1993 by the Latvian Trademark Office. File 688 contains information on 194,701 trademark applications and registrations published since 1881 by the Portuguese Trademark office. Both files include inactive published trademarks from the last three years.

* Business File Enhancements
File 745 provides access to the entire collection of Investext (from Thomson Financial) reports from August 1999 to the present, replacing File 545 that only provided 40% coverage of the collection. You will continue to find reports from such well-known investment houses in the United States, Europe and Asia, including Credit Suisse, First Boston, Lehman Brothers, HSBC and Dean Witter, among others.

* 2008 Dialog Database Catalog
The 2008 Dialog Database Catalog will be available soon. Please let Lynne or Christa know how many catalogs you will need.

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