Wednesday, 31 October 2007


What a better way to start a blog with the latest from the GAELIC Newsletter.

* Feedback from Innovative Workshop.
The presentations and photographs of the Innovative Workshop Celebrating 10 Years of the Millennium / Innopac System in GAELIC are now available on the GAELIC website.

Some of the presentations are:
- 3M Self Check - D. Mogakane, UJ
- Electronic Course reserves - Z. Nakedi & S. Likhele, UJ
- ERM, the key to Pandors's Box - A. Aramugan, UJ
- RSS feeds - A. Lessing, UP

* Quality Assurance in Higher Education: On a Mission - Maintaining Momentum
The 3rd FOTIM International Quality Assurance Conference will be held from 11 to 13 June 2008, at the CSIR Convention Centre, Pretoria. Libraries are a vital factor in quality higher education through their support of teaching, learning, research and community engagement. Participants are invited to share pre- and post-quality audit strategies and mechanisms to ensure quality service provision by support units in general and in particular within the library.

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