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GAELIC Newsletter: September 2008

The GAELIC September Newsletter is quite informative. These are the main topics:
Welcome to Carole Willis who joined FOTIM as the new GAELIC Programme Manager Contact details for, 011 786 4185

The GAELIC Governing Board members have for some time been aware that the structure of GAELIC requires a facelift, and so after much discussion the new structure was accepted at their meeting in July. Although the goals of GAELIC will remain the same, the plan is to move away from a focus group structure and concentrate more on our strategic objectives.
INNOPAC Project group

View the Structure Diagram on:

In light of the new structure that has been decided by the Board, the Focus Group structure will no longer be in effect. The emphasis will change from these specialised group areas to the 3 major objective areas of the new strategic plan. Some of the groups will automatically fit into an objective area while others might find that their previous focus areas are now split over 2 objectives. Some groups will find that they have been "put on ice" for the time being as their focus is not currently relevant.
Read the September 2008 Focus Group update on:
In support of the new approach, 3 teams have been formed. They each comprise the following member structure:
- Members of Focus Groups who have expertise in that particular Objective
- Members of the GGB to champion the team;
- A Convener (at the level of Library Director) to guide each group.

Strategic Objective 1: Innopac Project Workshop
Investigate and implement a joint integrated Millennium system This area is the most functional at the current time and the members of the Innopac Project Team have just finished presenting the results of the system survey that was conducted. Results of this survey will be sent to individual institutions for viewing in the near future.In July a very successful workshop was held to assess the results of this survey and to discuss the way forward. Some of the questions that were posed include…who is responsible for training? What is the role of the user group? How to ensure ownership of the processes? Read more on:
Strategic Objective 2: Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)
Build capacity through identification and provision of training needs and services for the optimal utilization of resources,Virtual Learning Environment:
- Is Higher education keeping up with the expectations of our students?
- Students are increasingly 'transliterate', communicating across a range of technologies. Can academics keep up?
Read more about this challenge in UK Higher Education: Grappling with the digital divide:
And where are the GAELIC libraries in this problem? Well if you support the VLE Survey that was sent out earlier in the year and is about to be sent out again with a slightly amended approach, we will be able to assess this situation within our member institutions.
P.S. Dr Anette van Vuren is Operational Manager in VLE group
Strategic Objective 3:
Improve cost efficiency through joint procurement and resources sharing
P.S. Hannie Sander is Convenor of this group

- IUG-SA 2008, Theme: "Innovate or mummify"
Don't forget to diarise the 12th-14th November as these are the dates when the annual IUG-SA is happening on the NNMU North Campus in Port Elizabete. The theme of the conference is "Innovate or mummify" or how to maximize the Millennium products to make the most of the library system. Some of the subjects under consideration are Statistics, using Macro's and templates, Millennium ILL, Collection Development & reporting tools, Cataloguing challenges of FRBR, Copyright management and course packs, New releases and System enhancement requests to name just a few. Please note the cut off date for early bird registration has been extended until 30th September. For more details and registration go to:
- Don't forget the Directors Symposium happening on the 12th November.
Under discussion: What is expected of the library in the research environment? eResearch and the challenges facing libraries to deliver.
Well IFLA has come and gone again and for those lucky people who went to Canada this year we hope you came back inspired and motivated and ready to share your new insights with the rest of us. Next year the event takes place in Milan, Italy and of note is that a proudly South African Librarian is to head IFLA next year. Ellen Tise of Stellenbosch University is the incoming president for 2009.Read about it in Library Journal:
Visit GAELIC website for more information:

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