Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Welcome at the SAOUG/ SLIS/ OSALL Conference

Welcome to the Ninth Southern African Online User Group Conference, 3-5 June 2008, CSIR, Pretoria.

Today, 3rd of June is the Pre-Conference day.

Workshop A: Evidence-based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP) has just finished. Dr. Glenda Myers, from WITS Health Sciences Library presented a very interesting and interactive session on: EBLIP- "What, Why, How, Who & Where".
What is the Evidence-Based Librarianship? The A. Booth definition was accepted as the one that represent the best emphasis on users: 'Evidence-based information practice is an approach that promotes the collection, interpretation and integration of valid, important and applicable user-reported, librarian observed, and research-derived evidence. The best available evidence, moderated by user needs and preferences, is applied to improve the quality of professional judgements". The focus is on the USER. We should remember that the same evidence can be used differently depending on circumstances and the user population.
Why should librarians care about the Evidence-Based Practice? We care, because how do we know that we are right?
Are the librarians still relevant to the Google generation? The librarians need to adapt and learn new skills: Leadership competencies, Technological competencies, Managerial Competencies and Research competencies; to have knowledge of Information resources and Information access.
The Evidence-Based Practice process involve: define problem (formulate question), find evidence, appraise evidence, apply results of appraisal, evaluate change and redefine problem.
We completed the workshop with reading two different research articles and evaluating them.
To follow the progress of the Conference go to SAOUG blog: http://saougnews.blogspot.com/
I'm off to the next workshop. Will keep you posted.

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